I have been seeing Juliet since 2007. She was part of a treatment program I embarked upon due to issues with degenerative discs in my neck and lower back. The degeneration had arrived at an extremely painful stage, and I was in chronic pain with any body movement – even walking. A year of intensive care, which included chiropractic adjustments, electric stimulation, massage, and acupuncture turned my pain around and helped me to feel like I had my life back.

I have continued with Juliet, alternating massage and acupuncture, since that time, and her professional and excellent skill keeps me on an even keel. I say she has golden hands – healing hands – and after my time with her, my body is relaxed and profoundly better.

As well, Juliet has a calm, joyful personality that invites you to release inner stress. She is absolutely non-judgmental and accepting as she listens to my every woe! She is my friend now, and I joke when I tell her she could charge double, since my time with her is therapy in more ways than one. She encourages me, builds me up, and always takes my side. Or, if I am simply tired and want to fall asleep while she works, she makes me comfortable to do just that.

I could not recommend Juliet more highly. She is the fine wine of massage therapy and is also truly gifted with those acupuncture needles! Healing hands and healing spirit… You will not regret placing yourself in her care, but you cannot have my time slot!!!

Ellen W.


 I was recently with a group discussing the merits of massage therapy and/or acupuncture. There was a wide range of opinions, some serious disagreements and even a few comical theories.  My own experience has been satisfying and rewarding and I often forget how far back I was when Juliet first started treating me about a year and a half ago.

 My daughter, a successful physical therapist, sent me to Juliet for six massage sessions.  I had recently retired from a happy and successful woodworking career but was in pretty bad shape both physically and mentally.  My neck, shoulders and lower back were hurting terribly even though I had had some steroidal cortisone shots, and I struggled to walk or even dress myself. Because I had always been physically active and healthy prior to this, I became depressed, lost weight, had trouble sleeping and even had suicidal thoughts.

 After a few of Juliet’s treatments I regained enough confidence to get serious about getting well. Both she and my physical therapist recommended water therapy and I began working out in the pool. My general physician suggested some changes in my diet. When the sessions my daughter had paid for ran out I decided I would continue seeing Juliet weekly for massage therapy. It wasn’t always easy but it was always progress.

 I had been reluctant to try acupuncture; not for fear of needles but from not wanting to use my last out. When my doctor indicated it might be a good idea and several people I know told me it helped them I bit the bullet. As with massage, it was progress. Now I get a massage every other week and acupuncture the week in between.

 I am totally convinced these therapies have turned my troubles around. I’m back to doing things I wasn’t able to do just a few years ago, eating and sleeping well, and enjoying my retirement even though I go into the shop to help out some.

 Juliet, I truly appreciate your professionalism, your tremendous technique, your dedication and how you have helped me help myself.

 Thank you,

Gary F.



Juliet Straeb has been my massage therapist for over 2 years. I am a passionate fly fisherman and river rafter, and my neck and shoulders are chronically tight from fishing and rowing; and as a hiker and occasional trail runner, my surgically scoped right hip is often not at all happy with me. But a session with Juliet helps immensely with these issues and others – she has the strength and skill to really get into my musculature and do the deep tissue work I need. How she uses her elbows is brilliant, and unlike any other massage therapist I’ve encountered. Everything is better after my bimonthly appointments with her. I walk out feeling loose, centered, and profoundly relaxed. I call Juliet my body guru.

On top of that, I’ve come to call her my friend. As she works on me we talk and share life experiences, cheerlead each other, and trade recommendations on our latest favorite television shows. She’s great at what she does, she’s such a kindhearted person, a calming presence in my life in many ways, and she is my body guru.

David W.